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Here you will find references to some tools and techniques that will come handy whilst working with them management packs.

1. MPImport.exe - use this to import management packs from the command line. If you want to make changes to several management packs at once and reflect them in SCOM, then you may want to create a script to do this. That is when MPImport.exe comes really handy.

2. MPVerify.exe - used in a similar case as above. This will only verify the management pack, not import it. For some engineers, verification is the need, they can write scripts to verify multiple management packs using MPVerify.exe.

3. MPViewer.exe - a tool that will help you to look into all management packs. It has a graphical view as well as a raw XML view. One can always find this very useful as it will help you discover what all you can do with in-built management packs.

4. MP2XML.ps1 - you know what? sometimes it is necessary to open those sealed management packs to see what the hell lies within them and copy them and reuse them in our samples. now how do you do that? well, the answer is MP2XML.ps1, a power shell script that takes a sealed MP as an input and spits out the equivalent XML .... ENJOY

5. MPSeal.exe - use this animal to seal your management packs and protect them from the thieves. It takes an XML based MP and turns it into an unreadable MP with a .mp extension. You know now that you can always use MP2XML.ps1 to unseal it ang get the original shit back ;-)

6. SealNImport.bat - used for sealing and then importing your MP in one simple step

7. BulkImportMP.bat - for bulk importing of your MP's

8. BulkVerifyMP.bat - for bulk verification of your MP's

Most of these scripts have been written by the author except for a few that have been shared here from there ;-) i am sure you will know what is original and what is not, cmon man, if you are working with SCOM MP, i bet you are ----- or are ya full of that stuff they call shit ....

You can find most of these tools in the downloads section

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