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1. Always ensure that the file name and the ID of your MP are similar and unique in SCOM

2. Use only as much references as needed

3. If an existing management pack has a particular element discovered already, reuse it by referencing the existing management pack

4. WMI is a better choice while compared to scripts

5. Design your application to be SCOM aware - write critical configuration information to the registry or WMI so that you can discover and monitor them from SCOM

6. SCOM is primarily for administrators, do not try to push it to do what it was not designed to do. There are ways around always

7. Seal your management pack so that the IP is not lost

8. Version the XML based MP's in an organizational SCM like VSS or CVS

9. From SCOM whenever you modify an MP have a day end process to export all your modified MP and update them in the SCM that you use

10. Before deleting a management pack always export the MP and back them up in your SCM

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